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Keeping your health on track during Summer

This question comes up a lot and is one that I love to address.

How do you keep healthy during summer activities? YOU ADAPT!

  1. Set aside dedicated time to achieve your health goals: This may mean you have to wake up 30 minutes earlier to exercise when it's cooler out. Alternatively look at finding an air conditioned space to exercise indoors during this season.

  2. Meal prep: When planning beach days, camping trips, or summer picnics I recommend to plan ahead. Prep "base" style foods like quinoa, rice, couscous or orzo noodles that can easily be added in with fresh produce. Cut up veggies in advance and store in a little bit of water so they stay fresh.

  3. Stay hydrated: In the summer your body will naturally sweat more to regulate temperature. This means you are more prone to dehydration. It is important to stay hydrated and consider adding in a daily electrolyte.

  4. Get ample good quality sleep: When the sun is out longer it becomes so much easier to stay up too late! Loosing out on those precious zzz's can have an affect your adrenal and hormone health.

  5. Move More, Sit Less: Sitting too much can have an impact on your metabolism! Get up and moving as much as you can. Take a walk during your lunch break, do lunges down the hall, squats with your kids, and walk to the neighbourhood park!

  6. Plan an active vacation: Vacations are often thought of as laying on a beach somewhere and eating/drinking far too much. While that can be okay for a day or two, you're better off in the long run planning for some activities too. Pack your running shoes and take a walk to experience new places, plan a hike or bring your bike for adventures.

  7. Focus on produce: Summer means an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Shop at local farm markets for the freshest variety. Foods that are grown and consumed in season are more nutritionally dense. It's also usually cheaper and better for the environment. Try new vegetables that you don't normally cook. Include vegetables with every meal and taste the RAINBOW!

  8. Drink mindfully: Hot weather means you're more likely to reach for a refreshing cocktail. While that is okay - remember to drink mindfully. I like to opt for the sugar free options - either mixing your own or opting for store prepared. If you prefer a nice cold beer remember that they are higher in carbohydrates. They can affect blood sugar levels and cause weight gain when consumed in high amounts. Remember to rehydrate after consuming alcohol and always drink responsibly.

Enjoy! xx

~ Caelin Folsom, RHN


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